Capital & Endowed Giving

Capital and endowed gifts are an investment in Caltech's long-term success. These gifts help provide a stable and flexible financial foundation upon which intellectual freedom and innovation can flourish.

Capital Giving

A capital gift is any gift that is designated for a particular initiative, such as scholarship assistance, endowment support, or a building project. Capital gifts above a certain level may be used for naming opportunities in honor of the donor or another person of the donor's choosing.


The impact of endowed gifts may be realized through scholarships, fellowships, professorships, and discovery funds (unrestricted funds); such funds can also be dedicated to a specific research area or building project. Endowments are invested and managed by the Institute to last forever, with the income from the gift supporting in perpetuity a goal selected by the donor. 

You may prioritize your support for areas of research or types of recipients you wish to benefit.

Named Endowment Opportunities

New endowments can be named for the donor or for whomever the donor wishes to recognize and honor.

Endowment Report (PDF)