Caltech Sustainability by the Numbers

Sustainability at Caltech aims to enhance Caltech's core mission of research and education by reducing the Institute's environmental impact and promoting stewardship of our natural resources within the Caltech community. Initiatives across campus optimize economic, ecological, and intellectual capital to ensure Caltech remains the world's foremost center of scientific and technological discovery.

While 2013 offered up a little turbulence in year-over-year performance in some initiative categories, long-term sustainability trends remain positive. Overall, Caltech has made significant reductions in energy and water consumption and municipal solid waste generation. The Institute remains on track with the greenhouse gas emissions reduction target and continues to see growth in the alternative transportation program. Details on the Institute's performance can be viewed in the full 2013 Sustainability Update here.

Caltech's commitment to promoting a healthier, cleaner, and greener planet is evident in positive long-term trends in all initiative categories.

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