Tuesday, February 4, 2014
8:00 pm
Athenaeum, Hall of Associates – The Athenaeum

Caltech Playreaders: "The Premature Corpse" by Mike Johnson

Directed by John Davidson

After testifying against the mob, Evan Jorris is placed in a witness protection program.  His wife, Francine, is none-too-happy at their sudden isolation. Enter Larry Craig, Evan's lawyer and best friend. Can gung-ho Federal Agent Bert Marshak protect them? The setup is deceptively simple. But all is not what it seems, as the twists and turns unfold.
Please join us for an evening of shocks and surprises that will dazzle and delight.
Admission is $3.00 for members of the Caltech Women's Club; $4.00 for all others. Light refreshments will be served after the reading.
To dine at the Athenaeum beforehand, call (626) 395-8204 for reservations. Plan to be seated by 6:00; you are welcome to join the Playreaders table.


Contact Todd Brun tbrun@usc.edu at 626-376-2299
For more information see Caltech Playreaders
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