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11/14/2011 08:00:00

Caltech Geophysicist Joann Stock Receives KINGDOM Educational Software Grant

Caltech Seismological Laboratory professor Joann Stock has been awarded a KINGDOM Software educational user license from Seismic Micro-Technology Inc. The $110,736.79, three-year license will significantly enhance geophysics and general geological computing resources in the lab. Stock and her group will use the software to interpret and visualize various data sets collected from ships using marine multichannel seismic reflection imaging to study the seafloor in locations near Antarctica, in the Gulf of California, and in the Indian Ocean. Problems they will study include activity on submarine faults and depositional patterns of nearshore sediments during periods of sea-level change.

The KINGDOM Software allows integrated geoscientific workflow spanning modeling, analytics, and data management for 3-D imaging of the faults and layers of sediment below Earth's surface. It provides a Windows-based geoscientific interpretation and allows Earth scientists to focus on analysis and interpretation of subsurface faults and layers.

For more information on Seismic Micro-Technology, click here.

Written by Allison Benter