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04/26/2012 07:00:00

Caltech Celebrates Take Our Children to Work Day

The young faces you see on campus today are not new prefrosh. They are students participating in Caltech's annual Take Our Children to Work Day. Sponsored by Caltech Human Resources, today's event is an opportunity for children and teenagers—from fourth graders to high school seniors—to explore future career possibilities and learn more about what goes on at Caltech.

Beginning at 10 a.m., the 76 students will tour campus, stopping at Linde + Robinson Laboratory, the Seismological Laboratory, Spitzer Science Center, biology laboratories, the Carpenter Shop, and Graphic Resources, for an in-depth look at the work being done at each location. After a break for lunch with their parents at the Rathskeller in the Athenaeum and an athletic activity at Braun Gymnasium, the students will move on to Winnett Lounge to meet with assistant professor of materials science and mechanics Julia Greer. Greer will share a video and lead a brief discussion with the future scientists about her work with nanomaterials. The day then wraps up with a Q&A session and giveaways from the Caltech Store and the Credit Union. Once the program ends at 3 p.m., the students will have the option to shadow their parents for the remainder of the workday.

Take Our Children to Work Day is a popular event here at Caltech and across the country. An offshoot of the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® program, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, the program is valued by parents and children alike for the opportunity it provides them to discuss the value of education and to spend time together. For more information about Caltech's program, contact Christine Boyle in Human Resources.

Written by Andrew Allan