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  • Ocean
    Peter Buhler
Friday, February 9, 2018
10:00 am
Beckman Auditorium – Beckman Auditorium

Blue Planet - Seas of Life: Open Ocean

Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth's surface and are crucial to life in both the sea and on land. Learn why Earth has oceans, while other planets do not. We will meet the giant whales, tiny plankton, and lonely deep-sea fish that call the ocean home, and discover hidden oceans lurking beneath the ice on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Peter Buhler, a graduate student in geological and planetary sciences at Caltech, will introduce the film and guide the post-screening discussion.

Recommended for grades 3-12.

To make a reservation or learn about more field trip opportunities, please call (626) 395-6059 or email

For tickets and information, email, or call (626) 395-6059.
Ticket price: $10 (assigned seating).
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