Monday, October 8, 2012
7:30 pm
Winnett Lounge – Winnett Student Center

Beginning West Coast Swing Week 1

The official state dance of California, West Coast Swing has evolved from its roots as an offshoot of Lindy Hop into a versatile dance able to be performed to a wide variety of music including blues, rock and roll, pop and R&B. Danced traditionally in a slot where the leader dances in place while the follower travels back and forth, WCS allows for a full array of moves from other social dances, including East Coast Swing, Salsa and Hustle, to be adapted to its own unique style.

Class will be followed by an open dance social with yummy fresh baked goods available. Also join us for our Wednesday dance social from 9:00-11ish pm in the South Catalina Rec Room!

About the Instructor: Doug Silton, a San Gabriel Valley Native, has traveled the world for the last decade teaching, competing, and performing. He's appeared in movies and on television and choreographed sections of Bette Midler's tour. But he's more known for his dancing (West Coast Swing & Lindy Hop), dance techniques, detailed yet fun instruction style, and his entertainment value. A top-ranked competitor in the swing-dancing worlds and the co-founder of LindyGroove, the country's largest weekly dance venue right around the corner from Caltech (Thursdays at, is excited about bringing West Coast Swing to Caltech.

Doug teaches private lessons daily in Pasadena and has a full line of instructional videos ... see for details.

Doug's promo reel on YouTube:

Cost: FREE for Caltech students (with ID) $5 per class for other full-time students (including visiting SURF students), and Caltech/JPL affiliates (with ID) $10 per class for all others

Prerequisites: No prior dance experience whatsoever is required, although comfortable shoes are strongly suggested.

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