Tuesday, February 4, 2014
4:00 pm

Applied Physics Seminar

Device engineering with quantum and/or artificial materials
Yuki Sato, Rowland Junior Fellow, The Rowland Institute, Harvard University

Utilizing quantum and/or artificially engineered materials, one can induce properties not typically found in nature. In this talk, I will first describe how artificial materials engineered by arranging ordinary materials can often transcend their fundamental limitations. In particular, I will discuss our effort to understand and establish independent control of multiple physical phenomena simultaneously within the same material using artificial structures. I will then describe novel quantum engineering, an interferometer based on the superfluid helium Josephson oscillation phenomenon, and discuss its applications including absolute rotation sensing. I will also very briefly highlight other projects that are going on within our group.

More about the speaker: Yuki Sato received his Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley and is currently a principal investigator of the Applied Matter & Devices Group at the Rowland Institute at Harvard. His research interests include quantum engineering with superfluidity and superconductivity, metamaterials and devices, mass transport dynamics in one-dimensional limit, and novel device instrumentation for multidisciplinary research. He is a recipient of the Rowland Junior Fellowship at Harvard University.


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