Friday, June 30, 2017
9:00 am
Arms 155 (Robert P. Sharp Lecture Hall) – Charles Arms Laboratory of the Geological Sciences

Agouron Institute Symposium on the Geobiology of Microbial Mats

This is a one-day symposium exploring the biological organization and geologic preservation of Microbial Communities. The symposium will be held at Caltech in association with the geobiology course and sponsored by the Agouron Insitute.

The program for the symposium includes:

  • Dianne Newman (Caltech): "Genetic mechanisms that initiate and stabilize biofilm formation"
  • Gürol M. Süel (UC San Diego): "How electrophysiological properties of microbial colonies increase their stability, function and effect their morphology"
  • Victoria Orphan (Caltech): "Aggregate formation between heterogeneous microbes and syntrophy"
  • David DesMarais (NASA): "Modern complex microbial mats, their organization and function"
  • John Grotzinger (Caltech): "Ancient microbial communities and their relationship to stromatolites in the rock record"
  • Frank Corsetti (USC): "Grain trapping and binding in microbial mats: Implications for stromatolites"

The symposium is open to the scientific public and free of charge. A continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and reception will also be served to symposium participants.

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