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2017-2018 Season

8 months: October 2017 through May 2018

Rates & Specifications

Advertising rates vary based on ad size and placement.


Beckman Auditorium seats 1136. Ramo Auditorium seats 371.


Approximately 20 events, consisting of lectures, topical panel discussions, humor/satire, films, drama, world dance, folk/world music, jazz, and classical music (except the Coleman Chamber Music Concerts).


  • Beckman Auditorium is the neighborhood theater—50% of the audience lives within a 10 mile radius.
  • Beckman Auditorium offers regional impact—50% of the audience travels more than 10 miles, coming from such areas as the Westside, South Bay, and the San Fernando Valley.
  • Age distribution: 5% are under 30 / 20% in their 30s / 30% in their 40s / 20% in their 50s / 25% are 60 and over
  • Household Income: 60% earn over $50,000 / 30% earn over $75,000
  • GEO-DEMOGRAPHIC LIFESTYLE SEGMENTATION SYSTEM ANALYSIS The MicroVision™ system, developed by Equifax, organizes the population into 50 different lifestyles. The lifestyle segment names are somewhat self-descriptive. An analysis utilizing this system shows that more than half of our audience falls within just five of these segments:
        • A Good Step Forward
        • Mid-Life Success
        • Great Beginnings
        • Home Sweet Home
        • Movers and Shakers
    All these lifestyles, whether young or mature, single or family, are marked by high education and income, careers in management/professional or technical/sales fields, and above average credit/installment activity. A profile of a typical ticket-buyer would be a female professional in her 40s, who: drives an imported automobile; drinks domestic wine; watches Arts & Entertainment and the American Movie Classics channels on cable; exercises regularly; attends live theater; carries the American Express card; listens to classical, news/talk, and easy listening radio stations; reads news, epicurean, and business/finance magazines; and travels abroad frequently.


Caltech campus: Michigan Avenue south of Del Mar Boulevard, Pasadena, California

Magazine Format

5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (see rate sheet for ad specifications), four-color self cover, black and white inside


1 printing per season


Distributed without charge to approximately 20,000 patrons


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