Audit Services & Institute Compliance Office Announcements

Policies and procedures are fundamental to the success of our organization providing clear requirements and guidance regarding Institute business and operations. Caltech has implemented 11 Institute policies that apply to the Caltech community both at campus and JPL.  These policies are reviewed annually, updated as needed, and endorsed by the President. 

A new Caltech Protection of Minors Website is now available on the Human Resources Homepage to provide the Caltech community with clear and consistent information regarding the protection of

Use of 3D printers by the Caltech community has been increasing, both for research and for office/shop purposes.  If your group is considering a 3D printer, please contact the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Office for an assessment prior to

Ten years ago, the Records Retention and Disposition Guidelines and Records Retention Schedule were developed at Caltech. These Guidelines were developed to support your efforts with good records management.